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    World Relief is actively involved in refugee relief and resettlement. 
    Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of refugees.

  • Welcome Kits

    Refugees often flee their homes at a moment's notice. They arrive at our airport with few belongings, a difficult past and high hopes for the future. Welcome Kits provide the basic household items they need for their new start in a place of safety. 

  • Volunteer with World Relief High Point

    Volunteers play a critical role in helping refugees adjust to life in the United States. Whether helping navigate the bus system or building English skills over cups of tea, volunteers accompany refugees as they settle into their new lives.

Urgent Action Needed

On Wednesday, January 20th at 2:30pm, the Senate is planning to vote on H.R. 4038, "The American Security against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act," which would grind to a halt the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. This bill was passed by the House of Representatives in November, so it is critical that it not pass the Senate. It is critical that Senators hear from their constituents now! 

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Anti-Human Trafficking

Awareness is the key to changing the face of slavery in North Carolina.  By making communities aware of the problem and how to recognize it, we can work towards a world free from slavery. With a heightened level of awareness, communities can aid in prevention, identification of victims, and advocacy. When we work with a human trafficking survivor, we first must focus on meeting immediate needs such as safe shelter, food, and medical care.

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